5 Key Factors in Choosing Waterproof Cases For Industrial Applications

Searching for an alternative to a Pelican Case without compromising quality or durability? Explorer Waterproof Cases could be for you! 

Explorer Waterproof Cases are tough, durable equipment cases manufactured in Italy (by GT Line).  Explorer Waterproof Cases have been subjected to laboratory tests to prove their suitability in the most extreme and hazardous applications. 

Widely used in military, aviation, engineering, and medical applications to name a few, they allow companies to protect expensive assets that need to be stored and transported with high care. 

Below are the five most important factors you should consider when procuring waterproof cases for industrial applications.

Explorer Waterproof Cases: Alternative To Pelican Cases To Keep Your Gear Safe

  1. Certification – IP67 certification

There are many industries where using IP-rated waterproof cases is necessary. Due to their high value, equipment in the oil & gas or military industries, for example, are frequently stored in IP-rated cases. IP stands for Ingress Protection. 

An IP rating is a measure of an enclosure or case's ability to resist items entering it. Waterproof equipment cases are given an IP rating - effectively indicating how resistant to water they are.

IP 6X CODE - No ingress of dust: the test is made using a dust chamber for some time between 2-8 hours.

IP X7 CODE - Temporary immersion in water: the test is made by completely immersing the case in 1-meter water, for 30 minutes.

Therefore, an IP rating of 67 would provide full protection from both dust and water – even the equipment is submerged.

  1. Robustness and durability 

The robustness and durability of a product are defined mainly by the material they are made of. Exactly like Pelican Cases, Explorer waterproof cases have high impact strength and low susceptibility to cracking/fractures due to the properties of the Polypropylene copolymer used in the manufacture of its waterproof cases.

Explorer waterproof cases are also tougher and more durable at lower temperatures like Pelican Cases and also come with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

  1. Range of sizes 

Since the ultimate goal of IP67 waterproof cases is to protect the equipment inside, it's important that a manufacturer offers a wide range of sizes to allow for different types of equipment to be stored. 

Explorer cases include more than 30 sizes, from specialist gun/rifle cases and large cases to small, highly portable cases for smaller equipment. Both Explorer and Pelican cases offer a wide range of options so both brands give you the flexibility you need, however, there are some sizes available in the Explorer range that are and not available in Pelican Case models (at the time of writing this blog).

Explorer 1913 : 190 x 125 x 135mm

Explorer 2214: 220 x 160 x 145mm

Explorer 5117:517 x 277 x 173mm

Explorer 13527: 1350 x 350 x 272mm

  1. Removable lid 

Quick access to the content inside of the cases can sometimes be necessary (and even critical), especially when working outdoors. Such a feature is not easy to achieve without affecting the watertight feature of the cases. Explorer waterproof cases have a patented technology that allows some of its models to have their lid taken off for easier and quicker access to its content.

  1. Personalization 

Explorer waterproof cases offer multiple options for customizing the cases to ensure that they adapt to the needs of the user. The different options Explorer Cases offer include:

  • Internal organization: Foams, pads, bags, and different types of internal pockets
  • Carrying: Some models allow straps to be added for easier transportation. For references 5218 and 5221, it also offers a backpack option to carry the cases on your back (see image below)
  • Colors: Explorer waterproof cases come in 4 standard colors, but can be manufactured in any color a customer wants with an MOQ of only 50 units. Both Pelican Cases and Explorer Cases allow you to customize the color of your cases to any Pantone color you want (MOQs apply). Explorer Cases also offer other options such as adding the logo of your company to the cases. 

Final Thoughts

Both Pelican Cases and Explorer Cases offer a reliable product that heavy-duty users can trust. Both brands offer a wide range of sizes and accessories to customize the cases and their interiors to your specific needs. 

But at the end of the day, it all depends on your specific needs and your budget. And when it comes to flexibility and price, Explorer Cases offer an equivalent quality to Pelican Cases at more competitive prices. 

If you are looking for more tips about the best waterproof case for your needs or would like our help to identify the right case for your need and budget, please send us a quick note. We will be happy to help.

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